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Meditation for life—all of it

Madrona is a set of tools for life and a system for using them. Integrating meditation with psychology, this is a journey for those who want more from life.

You’re alive, let’s deal with it

Meditation is more than sitting on a cushion counting your breaths. Getting through hard times to a deeper well-being and everywhere in between, meditation is for life (and all its excursions).

Madrona helps you take responsibility

Mind, thoughts, body, emotions: ours is a whole system for life — take it on.

Madrona is direct

We don’t sugar coat. With clear, concise, honest language, let’s call a spade a spade.


You may be surprised by how far you choose to take the journey.

Madrona is Compassionate

Life is hard. We know and we care.

Madrona brings meditation to life

Every activity, every action, every lived experience.

Madrona is empowering

Simon says: count your breaths. Not here. We don't dictate, we guide.

Madrona meets you where you are

Wherever you are, whatever’s ahead—our courses meet your needs as they arise.

Madrona goes step by step

We explain things thoroughly so you can build skills over time.

Why Madrona?

We’ve developed a tool kit for life, let us teach you how to use it

As Madrona guides you through a process of self-discovery and life enriching change, our system is grounded in an approach that respects intelligence, reason, and maturity.


Our Courses


We won't send a lot, but what we send comes from the heart to nurture your mind.